AMS phosphate minus-

AMS phosphate minus-

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AMS phophate minus-

Phosphates compounds can be introduced through various sources such as water supply, uneaten fish food, fish waste, rocks, tank substrates, decaying plant matter and animals in the aquarium. High phosphate level will lead to exponential algae growth. In freshwater aquariums, these algae could smothering delicate aquarium plants and compete for nutrients. In a marine aquarium, high phosphate level will result in exponential algae growth and inhibit calcification affecting stony coral growth.

AMS Phosphate Minus - is a lanthanum chloride based phosphate remover. Lanthanum ions react with phosphate compounds in the water column, forming insoluble precipitate. The precipitate can be captured by means of mechanical filtration.

Guideline for use in aquarium 250ml removes 1ppm of PO4 in 20,000L of aquarium water.

Quick guide 10 drops removes 1ppm of PO4 in 80L of aquarium water